"Park Home Care"

A Residential Care facility for the Elderly

Board and Care residents join us seeking a boutique community with beautiful surroundings and a customized resident experience. Exquisite dining, engaging programing, and professional care teams are what all residents can expect at Manra Mansion.

Common Questions

Learn more about Board and Care and the types of care services  that are offered.  Our main goal is for you and your loved one to feel comfortable.  See our FAQ Section.

Care Services

Comprehensive care services are provided by trained staff and available 24-hours a day. Plans are based on resident needs and tailored to individual preferences 

Activities & Engagement

Activities and engagement are at the core of daily life. Meaningful friendships are cultivated, opportunity for physical activity is abundant, personal spirituality practices are supported and giving back is a cornerstone of our activity and engagement programming.

All Inclusive Services

Board & care homes offer the same types of services as the larger communities, but service is provided in a small residential setting. The intimate setting afforded by board and care homes allows for closer oversight of residents and is accompanied by a higher staff to resident ratio.