What is Board and Care?

Board and care homes, also known as residential care homes, group homes, or adult foster care homes, are a type of assisted living facility that offers personal assistance with basic daily tasks. This small and intimate community allows residents to live in their own private room or share a room with one other resident. They often tend to be set up in a home-like setting in a single-family home with around 6 beds and public areas for everyone to share. Board and care homes are beneficial for people who need help with typical day-to-day activities but want to maintain their independence.

What services are provided at a board and care home?

The services provided at a board and care home are similar to those provided at an assisted living community, but in a home setting. Staff in a residential care home help with a wide variety of personal services. The owner or manager of the home often lives there with the residents.

What are the benefits of living in a board and care home?

Residential care homes offer some unique benefits to their residents. With a smaller size and more hands-on approach, these facilities can provide the best of both worlds: they can give each resident one-on-one time while also being large enough for activities with other residents or visitors. Of course, it’s not always easy when it comes down to deciding what type of facility is right for your loved ones. We'll go over all the benefits in detail below so you have a better understanding before making that final decision.

How many levels of care to you have?